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Welcome to Ohio EPA's Permit Wizard! We hope that you will find this tool helpful in identifying the various permit, licensing and registration requirements that may apply to your business. Using your answers to a series of questions, the Permit Wizard creates customized information to help your business get started on the right track with the proper permits. Existing businesses can also use the Permit Wizard as a way to "self-check" their compliance. This system is not designed to collect any personal information about you or your business.

Getting Started

The Permit Wizard is easy to use. You will be asked to select environmental topic area(s) that you are interested in (for example, air, waste or water). Then, simply answer the questions that appear on your screen. You can expect to spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes per topic area. At the end of each session, you will get a summary that identifies the permits, licenses or registrations that you likely need. In addition, you'll get links to helpful resources and points of contact. The information will be presented in a results page that you can print for future reference. It is important to know that your business may require multiple permits, so you will likely need to select several media categories in the Permit Wizard to get a complete picture of all your relevant permitting requirements (for example air, waste and water).


The Permit Wizard is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses that need to know the permitting basics. It is not the tool to use for highly complex permitting situations, such as determining the applicability of Title V air requirements. You should consult with the appropriate Ohio EPA division on these questions.

Results obtained through the Permit Wizard represent a starting point. You will still need to review the applicable rules or laws. The Wizard is not intended to provide an official or binding permitting determination. When reviewing the results page, be aware that the list of licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements may not be complete. Depending on your specific business type and geographic location, additional local, state and/or federal regulations may apply.

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